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Paps Sans

Name/Nickname: Paps Sans

Species: skeleton

AU (tell us which AU you are from): MiddleTale

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Sexuaitly: Gay

Personality: act nice when you meet him first time but that’s an act

Fears: None

Appearance (Images or description):

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Abiltties (Magic/Physical):

Red string: Red string is an strong string that Paps Sans can control with breeze, the red string can also lift 70 tons and can wrap anything, can absorb energy/magic

Spike Bone: summon sharp bones

7 Blasters: he can only summon one at an time cuz summoning one take a lot of magic, the reason why it take a lot of magic is cuz each blaster have an different soul to them but this blaster can be easy defeated just hit them very hard

The 7 blasters name’s and type of soul they have

DT = red soul

BR = orange soul

KI = green soul

JU = yellow soul

PA = cyan soul

IN = blue soul

LV: 35

ATK: 600

HP: 1k

DEF: 750

Weapon: Blaster gun (it’s an gun only fire the power as a gaster blaster)

Weakness: Open area

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Paps Sans was rise by his father gaster but they didn’t have a good relationship with each other, when Paps Sans fail something his father would punish him which lead him to having some of his father traits like feeling no mercy and having no feeling for others well kinda, he does care a lot for his brother and another person but that person is a secret.

An explosion happen in gaster lab almost killing him but for his brother it is a different story, when this explosion happen he ran to the Heart Tree and made a deal with the hearts living within the Heart Tree, this deal brought his brother back but not fully so Paps Sans had to make his brother a new body and soul.

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